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the bad thing about me is when some shows me just the slightest bit of attention I latch on to them like a fucking piranha and end up annoying them and then they start avoiding me


Imagine your icon trying to teach you their native language

no thanks

Compared to Jonouchi, I consider Dark Yugi and Seto weak characters. In specific, I draw Dark Yugi with heroic qualities, but he has his really weak points as well. In a way, the normal Yugi is overwhelmingly more strong than Dark Yugi. It’s no exaggeration to say that Normal Yugi, Jonouchi, and the others’ strong points help support the single ‘piece’ that is Dark Yugi.
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Dear Diary,

Today I ate some oatmeal for my breakfast. It was flavorless and watery. I thought of my mother. I cried.

Today I put on my raincoat and traveled to Japan. I purchased a pair of fancy mice. When I brought them home, one devoured the other and then died of loneliness. I felt envy.

Today the pharaoh showed me his middle finger. When I attempted to punish him with eternal damnation in the Shadow Realm, he shoved me into a wall screaming, “Bother, bother!” over and over. Later he and his blonde friend repeated the vile attack until I lost consciousness. Tonight I prayed for the first time in twenty years. I prayed for the end.

I lost a button on my cloak today. Odion pointed it out in front of all of the Rare Hunters. Oh, cruel attention… Button oh button, oh where hath thou fled? Did thee tarry too long amongst fabric and thread? Did thee role off my bosom and cease to exist? How I wish I could follow thee, into the mist…

— Marik Ishtar (via incorrectyugioh)
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duelistsheiress said: For the character headcanon: Marik please?


Interesting ask. 


• General headcanons
Malik Ishtar is a well-rounded character who is a little (if not totally) neurotic and paranoid. More importantly, he’s made of extremes, defined by his struggles and a certain duality which led to the creation of his darker alter ego.

Although convinced of the righteousness of his revenge, it seems as if a small part of him - maybe his conscience - is aware of the excess of his hatred and remains deeply disturbed by his actions, a bit unsure where all of that will lead to. This makes him yearning for closure and reassurance -hence the recurrent need to talk aloud about how great his revenge will be, how the Pharaoh will suffer and such.

Of course, the bigger reason of these speeches will always be due to his arrogance.

Malik definitely loves to underestimate the people around him, especially his enemies (the ‘so you remember me’ line to Yuugi in episode 65 was priceless - what with ‘at least, survive until you see Osiris with you very own eyes’, a few moments after, to the Pharaoh). His cautious way of planning tend to make him overconfident the moment he has laid his traps, and that’s often what causes him to lose, whether in the duel with the mime, or the one at the Domino pier.

Regarding now his relationship with the Other Yuugi, it is in my little headcanon that Malik had a habit of calling the Pharaoh names such as ‘bastard’ or ‘tyrant’ or anything else colorful and offensive.

A few days after leaving the tombs, he started writing a notebook which he filled with all the ideas of possible tortures he would like to inflict on the guy (the book had soon no more white space to fill, thanks to Yami no Bakura’s later generous contribution)

The notebook had been burned down after Battle City, with the help of Rishid. Malik felt a little better after this - though he had nightmares in which he suffered the very tortures he invented. Rishid and Ishizu did their best to comfort him during these moments.

Although his staying with his sibling greatly improved his mental issues, five years of living through hatred and bitterness are difficult to truly let go of, and despite all his guilt, a part of him still strongly resents the Pharaoh because after all - murder of his father or not, he still was the person the tombkeepers devoted their life to and for whom they perpetuated this gruesome ritual. That’s why I can’t watch Malik’s interactions with Atem in the last episodes without thinking he must feel pretty much tense around him, trying his best to hide that behind a mask of politeness. That is also the reason why he’s very likely to stay distant to Yuugi and friends.

Malik feels awfully guilty around Rishid and tries his best to make up for his past mistreatment. Once, he bought silver pendants for the three of them, to remind him he is a part of family. Although ashamed of the cheesiness of the gesture, he knows this makes his brother happy, so he’s satisfied. I also like to imagine Malik having frequently his brother meet women in speed dating places.

Dealing now with his (non-existent) love life, I believe it is safe to say Malik is kind of an asexual.

While it’s very easy to imagine him having one-night stands, he just doesn’t seem interested in long-term relationships, nor has the time for that. He’s busy, whether this is because of his strong drive for revenge, or his yearning to work through his issues and redeeming himself to those he’s wronged.

• How they could be further developped
It would definitely be interesting to know how he’s managed to create the Ghouls organization. Also, how does he feels about everything, after Atem’s leaving into Afterlife.

What would he say to Yami no Bakura if he ever met him post Battle City? And more importantly, how would he react to discovering the Spirit of the Ring is actually the big bad boss?

• What they’d become post series
Despite all the drama in this character’s life, there is a sliver of hope as I can see him moving past all of his issues, although after a long time.

After the series, it’s easy to imagine Malik taking a job as an independant motorcycle’s repairor, since I doubt he’d trust the system enough to work in any company. I can’t see him working with Ishizu either - at least for too long. He feels antsy with ancient artifacts, they bring up too many bad memories.

When he isn’t driving on the roads in the Egyptian sunset, it is either to spend his time with his sibling or to buy purple things.

Later, he completes his happy ending by finally laying hands on an ice cubes maker machine, because that’s Malik Ishtar for you.

Wonderful. No, really.

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闇遊戯 私服ネタ

Howtopuzzleship: Vanya-Deyja’s have a pronounced weakness for fashion boners.



“I’m certain Atem would scream “AIBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!” when he came, no matter who he was fucking.”

howtopuzzleship says: This was very confusing for him back in Ancient Egypt as he had no idea what an “Aibou” was. 



“I’m certain Atem would scream “AIBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!” when he came, no matter who he was fucking.”

howtopuzzleship says: This was very confusing for him back in Ancient Egypt as he had no idea what an “Aibou” was.